My father was a doctor; he saved hearts.  My mother had a green thumb and grew white flowers in her garden; they glowed in the darkness.  I practice art, which is a great healer of all things.

Nature is where my greatest childhood memories live. She continues to be my muse. I place myself in nature--watching, listening, and learning.

My work has been shaped by the losses in my life. Each new change brought a pivotal invention to my art. In 1993, I lost my balance. I broke my ankle in a roller-skating accident and my days were suddenly horizontal. Being an active hiker, biker, gardner, river raft explorer, bird watcher, beachcomber, this stuck-on-the-first floor position took my breath away. It also swept me along from photography to painting.

With every loss, I have received something of equal of greater value in return.  This cyclical renewal is what my art is about. I’m interested in ecologies large and small, relationships far and near, and discoveries mundane and sacred. 

I feel grateful and honored I have won honors and had many walls on which to share my work.

Isabelle Scurry Chapman



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